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Wendy Ng loves the play of light and shadows as they affect her perception of shapes and textures. Her early art training in Hong Kong, where she grew up, and her formal science education all contributed towards her current artistic expressions. She uses her current art interest in decorated eggs and colored pencils to demonstrate topics that interest her and reflect her world view. She currently exhibits at Horsespirits Art Gallery in Savage Mill.  

Comment about work: As with humans, there is great diversity in chicken eggs. This tray of all chicken egg shells shows off their variations in size, shape, exterior and interior color, thickness and strength, and distinctive markings. All different and fragile, yet all are beautiful with great compressive strength. The decorated eggs in the piece were done with traditional Ukrianian egg dyes or Micron ink pens.

A Fragile Diversity #1

Mixed media

10" x 10" x 2.5" 


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    United States