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BIHAAAN Tune of Faith

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Available June 22, 2021 4:00 PM UTC
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Koyel, an eighteen-year-old girl, a resident of an interior village of North Bengal prepares to get married while her friend Kanai gets heartbroken at this news. A naturally affluent player of flute, Kanai stops at his rhythm and asks about this recent development but while she narrates the whole story, he gets jealous of her would-be husband. Slowly Kanai gets alienated by the idea and the age-old practices regarding marriage and starts asking people about marriage. Out of confusion and fear of separation, being merely a boy of twelve years, he fails to realize the gravity of the situation and in desperation, he exclaims about his fondness for Koyel and proposes for marriage. He declares to Koyel that he would spend all his piggy bank savings to start a new family. Though laughable, the proposal is also met with appreciation from Koyel. While this happy chapter plays along, trouble brews on the horizon. Samad, a driver by profession has a routine of getting drunk and beating up his wife when he returns home after weeks of work. The issue escalates to such a proportion that the village headman pokes his nose to resolve the matter. These two distinctly different stories of the village happen to cross their paths leading up to an unprecedented sequence of events.

Director Statement

I ( Saurabh Saha ) believe that the air that I breathe in has Rajbongshi culture mixed with it; so when starting off with the art of filmmaking why not take the opportunity to explore my own upbringing through the twenty-four frames.

Director Biography

Saurabh Saha ( India ) born in 1990 is an independent film director, composer, singer, and artist. A person from middle-class cultural family background, he was born in Dhubri district, Assam. He graduated from North Bengal University. He started his journey in the film industry as a singer in a reality show. after he focused on making Short films and music videos. He mainly believes in working with new talented people from different ethnic regions. BIHAAN-TUNE OF FAITH, the debut film of the director.

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  • Director
    Saurabh Saha
  • Screenwriter
    Saurabh Saha, Raunaq Das
  • Producer
    Saurabh Saha
  • Cast
    Tushar Chowdhury, Miranda Das