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Warning: Adult content & language. Five twenty-somethings become lost while on a road trip to a weekend getaway due to their navigator’s alcohol-fueled gross negligence. As a result, they are no longer destined for sunshine and pool time. Rather, they are relegated to life in a small, peculiar town filled with inhabitants who hold mysterious beliefs, strange traditions, and a determination to burn them at the stake.

Director Statement

In January 2020, I made a successful exit from my small-scale remote work startup with the intent to launch a live event production company. Needless to say, in the “Bad Timing Olympics,” I believe I placed first.

Feeling like Ronald Wayne—the Apple co-founder who sold his 10% stake for $800 back in 1976—I began to wonder where to go from there. Fortunately, I soon stumbled on an old script I had written years prior, and realized how well it would work as an animated series.

Thus, Daddydelphia was born.

The development process has been ongoing since July 2020, and I can say with absolute certainty that this never would have been created had it not been for the pandemic. However, as a firm believer that “things happen for a reason,” I’m proud to say that this pilot is an unintended, yet very welcomed product of an otherwise strange and depressing year.

Director Biography - Harold Eric

Harold Eric is an actor, director, and producer based in Brooklyn, New York. Having grown up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, after graduating from Williams College in 2017 he returned to New York City to pursue acting full time. Following numerous television appearances on high-profile shows and commercials over the course of several years, including "Search Party" (HBO Max) and "Gotham" (FOX). he launched Cityledge, a film and television production company in January 2020. "Daddydelphia" marks the inaugural creation for the company and this first-time director and producer.

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  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Harold Eric
  • Screenwriter
    Harold Eric
  • Producer
    Harold Eric
  • Cast
    Evan Maltby, Alex Aldea, Harold Eric, Sakyiwaa Baah, Christopher Morucci, Mijon Zulu, Halle Mastroberardino, Max Levy, Briana Sky Riley, Arlene Gambino