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Double Exposure

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Available June 22, 2021 4:00 PM UTC
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Photographer Dani struggles professionally and personally as the lines between reality and imagination blur. On the eve of a cornerstone birthday, her well-meaning friends and family bombard her with a series of dating app gift cards, leaving Dani in a state of utter shock and despair. Reluctantly, she sets out on a journey ignited by the events of the infamous dinner party and tries to pull the pieces together as she discovers the tools to develop her unactualized life.

Director Statement

DOUBLE EXPOSURE tells a tale as old as time in a constantly changing digital dating landscape. While it's told from a woman's perspective, it is ultimately a HUMAN story dealing with feelings of loneliness, the ebb and flow of friendships and relationships, the magnitude of self-realization, and the risk of being an artist. It's a piece that takes us into another world through music, movement, art, and imagery - grounded in Dani's reality yet soaring in her creative headspace - two opposing worlds that collide within her complex state of being.

Currently, movies aren't dealing with finding love in the hopeful way of an old-school romantic comedy. DOUBLE EXPOSURE tells the truth of how people still ultimately want and yearn for love, but in a modern, messy way that doesn't necessarily get tied up in a neat bow. This short version of DOUBLE EXPOSURE, while it stands alone as a beautiful piece, is a precursor to a full-length modern romantic comedy. It explores the same ideas while breaking the old school romantic comedy norms, and folds in more fully realized relationships, tensions, heartbreaks, and ultimately a search for love in all senses of the word.

Director Biography - Daryl Getman

Through the lens, Daryl Getman seeks to tell universal stories about women coming into their own strength, beauty, and awareness. Her storytelling devices rely on imagery, movement, and connection – often capturing moments that shape lives, whether transient or fully fleshed out. She strives to empower women in the recognition of self through her work. As a versatile theatre professional, she has worked for many years in the Broadway community as an actor and dancer and has since found herself on the creative team for many productions from stage concerts and musicals, to film. A few highlights include working on productions at Carnegie Hall, ABC television, PBS, and Disney Theatrical, with performers such as Dick Van Dyke, Robert Redford, Kate Winslet, and Jane Seymour.

Film Credits include: Double Exposure (Director/Creator/Writer), Buttons: A Chistmas Tale (Choreographer, Associate Director), Cougar Town (Choreographer), Jimmy Kimmel Live (Dancer).

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Daryl Getman
  • Screenwriter
    Daryl Getman, Austin Miller
  • Producer
    Lisa Donmall-Reeve
  • Cast
    Krysta Rodriquez