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Adapted from real people. A doctor born in 1986, a husband and the father of a 5-year-old child, he will soon welcome his second child. In Wuhan, China, 7 cases of SARS were confirmed in the South China Fruit and Seafood Market. In order to remind family members and students to pay attention to protection, Dr. Li has become one of the first people to issue covid-19 prevention and control warnings in China. However, he was warned and admonished by the Wuhan Police Station because of "untrue statements published on the Internet". When covid-19 broke out, Dr. Li was infected by treating patients, and eventually, he died of covid-19 infection. When Dr. Li died, foreign countries questioned whether the Chinese government was open and transparent, and the improper handling of speech raised public opinion. Dr. Li has also been called by public opinion: "Whistleblower" of China's covid-19 epidemic. He said: There should not be only one kind of speech in this world.

Director Biography - Maoyuan Chen

Maoyuan Chen , The director film "Breathing and Love" was nominated for the "International Film Screening Unit" of the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival. Chinese We Media creator, whose short video network plays more than 1 billion.

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  • Director
    Maoyuan Chen
  • Screenwriter
    Maoyuan Chen
  • Producer
    Maoyuan Chen
  • Cast
    Maoyuan Chen, Shu Chen, Shupei He