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Killing Me Softly With Her Love

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Available June 22, 2021 4:00 PM UTC
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A unique, poignant film about a terminally ill girl wanting to finally have control of her body and illness, after years of poor health. Angela plans to assist her daughter Jessica to take her own life on her 18th birthday. This film contains drama, comedy, complex human relationships, and ultimately family sacrifice.

Director Statement

As a director, I am constantly looking for ways to mix up my work and challenge myself in new ways. And there was no better way to do that than getting to create new working relationships with actors Kate Dickie, Kevin Guthrie & Natalie Simpson. Which was just as rewarding as giving previous collaborators Briony Monroe, Joe Cassidy, Ross Maxwell, Rebekah Lamb, and the new talent of Mia Robertson the chance to shine with some amazing stars and have our talented crew working with such a talented cast. The film was a step up for everyone involved.

In my search for projects I always endeavor to find stories that really move me, such as this one, and in recent years have moved into directing more personal dramas, touching on themes such as judgment and teenage neglect.

Although on the surface this film is a tragedy, for me it is a proper love story between mother and daughter. I can’t claim to have personally connected to a situation like the one Jessica and Angela are in, but I hope that when people watch the film it creates debate and discussions - which then hopefully reminds people to feel grateful for their own family, who they might at times take for granted.

I strongly believe there should be allowances for situations like the one in this film. People forget about issues that don’t affect them personally, so for me, motivation for making a short like this is in the hopes that the film can remind people that assisted suicide is a pertinent issue today.

Director Biography - Colin Ross Smith

Independent filmmaker, Colin Ross Smith has a reputation on the Scottish Independent Film circuit for creating ultra-stylish short films. Gifted with a rogue imagination and a passion to push hard to provide his audience with films that are unrushed and relaxed yet superbly paced with Hollywood-gangster-inspired plots, his subtle blend of humor and violence invites a rare closeness that is both frightening and alluring.

Under the banner of his own production company Foghorn Films, he has found Scotland a beautiful, secretive, and oppressively stunning setting for his thought-provoking stories, which have been accoladed for having a strong sense of real-time whilst still retaining a neo-noirish feel.

His bold experimentation with different kinds of films and forms has been successful in creating a TV pilot, The Crews, which evolved from one short film, was later released online as a web series to stimulate public and media interest before being picked up to play on STV Glasgow and Edinburgh, demonstrating that a buzz could be created without a big budget.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Language
  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Director
    Colin Ross Smith
  • Screenwriter
    Katie White
  • Executive Producer
    Katie White, Rhian Howells
  • Cast
    Katie Dickie, Kevin Guthrie, Briony Monroe, Natalie Simpson, Joe Cassidy