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Natyam' is to tell a story through Dance. Set in a fictional town called ‘Natyam’, a century ago the Britishers destroyed our art, culture, and dance to weaken the power that binds all Indians culturally together. After India’s freedom In a southern temple, the Lost Sacred Dance Texts are rediscovered and the town became the epicenter for dance and art revival and the town was named Natyam.

This is the story of a passionate classical dancer Sitara. Set in the year 2020 in the ancient Village of Natyam. At the tender age of 6, Sitara's Guruji promises to teach her the mysterious 'S tory of Kadhambari' provided she becomes a qualified dancer. But twenty years later to her shock, he refuses to teach her the choreography. Sitara is determined to achieve her dream of performing ' Kadhambari’s story and win her Dance Guru's heart. In this quest, she unknowingly crosses paths with the corrupt Natyam Temple trustee and his henchmen.

She also befriends a western Dancer and together they have an adventurous connection as artists. He helps Sitara achieve her dreams and together they discover the true power of NATYAM!

Director Statement

" Natyam is to tell a story through Dance "

Director Biography - Revanth Korukonda

Director Revanth Kumar debuts with this wonderful film ‘ Natyam’ . Revanth has earlier directed three short films, several advertisements and has even acted in two Telugu feature films. He hails from Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, and has studied filmmaking in the USA during his graduation.

He has written, edited, shot, and directed this film. He has dedicated his time to make sure that his debut film is nothing short of excellent.

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  • Director
    Revanth Korukonda
  • Screenwriter
    Revanth Korukonda
  • Producer
    Sandhya Raju
  • Cast
    Sandhya Raju