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Takeaway Life

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Available June 22, 2021 4:00 PM UTC
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Zhou Xiaorong’s son had uremia. The doctor told her that she had to do a kidney transplant for his son. The cost was 250,000. She was a single parent and could not find a formal job. He heard that takeaways could make money. 50-year-old Zhou Xiaorong became a takeaway mother. The freedom of time allowed her to take orders freely after delivering meals to her son, but the takeaway was repeatedly frustrated due to unfamiliar routes and overtime deductions. She always faced difficulties with optimism and met the old rider Wang Ge during the singles. Brother Wang took care of Xiao Rong's mother's situation, and the two began to fall in love. Working day and night, Xiao Rong's mother became the gold medal rider in this area. A year later, the hospital informed Xiaorong’s mother that she would have a kidney source in the near future. She was frugal and used the money she saved, plus borrowing it from a friend, and her son’s transplant was expected. Brother Wang prepared a surprise for her. They were stopped by the police on their way home. Before being taken away, Brother Wang gave her a 50,000 bank card to Xiaorong's mother. It turns out that Brother Wang has been a habitual criminal in private. Before the testimony, Brother Wang was detained under criminal law. Xiao Rong's mother took the life-saving money and was about to go to the hospital for surgery. It happened to be his son's birthday that day, but because of the customer's bad reviews, the two got into a dispute and were pushed downstairs and seriously injured. In a pool of blood, the birthday cake was all over the floor, no call from the hospital was answered, and the son in the hospital bed looked forward to his mother's arrival...

Director Biography - Maoyuan Chen

Maoyuan Chen is the director of the documentary "Haxiu and Love" that was selected as the screening unit of the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival; the director's film "Doctor Li" was nominated for the 2020 16th China-US International Film Festival

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  • Director
    Maoyuan Chen
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    Maoyuan Chen
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    Maoyuan Chen