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A Lone Star Love

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David, an Irish National, makes his new home in Austin, Texas with the help of a social media android named Viva. When he meets Texas Native, Layla, he must choose between his synthetic companion and a lone star love.

Director Statement

A Lone Star Love is a Black Mirror-esque parable about the way technology has estranged us from healthy real world relationships. While this film has whispers of the "fembot" trope, my intention was to subvert those expectations of the typical male gaze. This is a rom-com-gone-wrong, an existential adventure wrapped in a cringey love triangle.

Viva is a walking, talking, social-media platform, that brings to life our all too common and self-defeating addiction to social media. Viva becomes a crutch for David, a warm place where social risk is non-existent. Layla isn't without fault either, clearly forcing a relationship that isn't meant to be.

I wanted to create a unique and authentic film that played on a kind of story we all understand in the zeitgeist. To create that specificity, I chose to have Lead Actor, and Co-Screenwriter, Ronan Colfer, who is an Irish National, play the part with his natural accent and embrace that as part of the character's origin. Likewise Producer and Lead Actress, Deedee Woche is an Austin Native, and although we were all based in New York, in only felt natural to set the story in the rich local of Austin, Texas, creating a whole other layer of an immigrant fish-out-of-water story.

Austin being a music town, I wanted to make the soundtrack a big element of the project, which also helps that "Rom-Com" like style that belies more sinister elements of the plot.

A Lone Star Love is a simple, intimate story about a relationship gone wrong. Everyone shares responsibility for their actions in this film...and maybe that includes the audience as well.

Please enjoy, A Lone Star Love.

Ben Myers, Director/Producer/Co-Writer/Actor

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  • Runtime
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    United States
  • Director
    Ben Myers
  • Screenwriter
    Ronan. Colfer, Ben Myers, Deedee Woche
  • Producer
    Ben Myers, Deedee Woche
  • Cast
    Ronan Colfer, Deedee Woche, Ben Myers, Annette Berning