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When an elderly woman gets an unexpected call from a man pretending to be her grandson, she knows he is a scam artist. She decides to scam him into believing she is a senile old woman with various antics.

Director Biography - Kenge B

I have always, and will always be a storyteller. My interest in storytelling throughout my life has been expressed through my writing, acting, and directing.

I began my career as a child with a vivid imagination, writing and telling stories to my friends and family. When I was in second grade my class was asked to write a poem about our school experience. It was a well known fact that my teacher was one of the sweetest and kindest teachers in the school, so I decided to be a rebel and write a funny poem about her being the exact opposite. I wrote an exaggerated poem about her beating the desk with a ruler and constantly yelling at us. My teacher loved it and sent it to the administrators. They had me read my poem in front of the entire school during the Celebration of Art program. I loved it. From then on I decided I wanted to tell stories for the rest of my life. The next year, I entered the world of theatre, constantly acting in the school plays and musicals from middle school to high school. In high school, I turned my attention to film because a teacher who mentored me showed me how thought provoking film can be. While in college, I was a double major in Theatre Performance and Film Directing, and I earned both degrees in only four years.

I have been influenced by several directors and writers from Christopher Nolan to Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. One of my favorite writing teams is the team of Michelle and Robert King. Their style of writing is drama filled with comedy and interesting characters along with creative plots. They have influenced my most recent films and writing.

I wouldn’t say I have a particular style that I always adhere to. I enjoy writing stories with political issues told through fantastical situations, empathetic dramas with strong characters, or even situational comedies that keep you guessing. By the end of my films I want my audience to understand my characters even though they did not think they could relate to them at the beginning of the film. I would also like my audience to question things they thought they knew about themselves, others, and the world, just as my favorite story tellers have done for me.

Director Statement

This film is based on a true story of my now deceased grandmother. She was almost a victim of a scam, but luckily she had her family in her life to show her not to trust a stranger on the phone. I wanted to write a story about an elderly person who doesn’t act like the typical stereotype of the elderly. Brandy is clever, conniving, and funny; and she doesn’t apologize for it. However, her main flaw is that she can not own up to her mistakes and allows it hurt her relationship with her son. Her stubborn behavior is what has kept her from speaking to her son for five long years. I wanted this film to express that family is one of the most important things, especially since no one knows how long they have on this earth. If you allow yourself to push away those you love, it’s possible you will never get them back. Brandy’s loneliness causes her to look for any source of human contact, even if that means keeping a scammer on the line so she can have some much needed fun. This film is a comedy drama, so it is meant to educate people on the dangers of letting a fight fester for years through the use of comedy to connect with its audience.

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    United States
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    Kenge B
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    Kenge B
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    Kenge B
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    Josephine Armar, Aaron Sullivan