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Magnificent Movie Music - Under Our Skin

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The Columbia Orchestra, Columbia Festival of the Arts, and Dr. Rachel Franklin invite you to

their new two-part lecture series devoted entirely to movie music! Explore the stories behind

some of the greatest film music ever composed. Consider the purpose of a score and how it

both supports and transforms the film. In these lectures, watch fascinating film clips, learn

about the role of the score in each, and delve into the composer’s creative process.

Experiencing a great film score can have a life-long impact. Composers such as Bernard

Herrmann, Ennio Morricone, and John Williams have engraved iconic scenes into our collective

memory with their extraordinary music, even if the rest of the movie might have faded. In

Under Our Skin, we’ll examine the evolution of the movie soundtrack from silent films onwards

and play with the absence of music or the “wrong” music under particular film clips (find the

shark…) We’ll watch the composer David Raksin describe how he created his famous theme for

the movie Laura, experience the shocker finale to Dr. Strangelove, and marvel at the originality

of Ennio Morricone’s scores. Finally, we’ll compare two extraordinary performances of

Shakespeare’s Henry V and discuss which one is better, with music or without. Films discussed:

Gone With The Wind, Jaws, Laura, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, and Henry V (1944 vs 1989)

Rachel Franklin

Over the past decade Rachel Franklin has developed a stellar reputation as a speaker about

music. Renowned for her wit, scholarship and ability to illuminate even the most complex

concert works, her gifts for communication have led to countless lecturing engagements in the

region for major orchestras, concert organizations, colleges, adult education groups and many

others. She has appeared frequently in such prestigious venues as the Smithsonian Institution,

The Library of Congress, and the Peabody Institute, and has given over two dozen broadcasts

about music for National Public Radio’s “Performance Today” program. She is the Adult

Program lecturer for the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, giving all their pre-concert lectures for

every concert season and presenting six Symphony Study classes for their audiences each year.

She is also a yearly presenter and performer for the Academy Art Museum in Easton, MD as

well as many other venues in the Washington area.

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    Dr. Rachel Franklin