Crazy8s 2021 Online Gala Screening

Crazy8s 2021 Online Gala Screening

Live in 10d 10h 06m 45s
Available May 2, 2021 2:45 AM UTC
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Crazy8s Film Society is proud to present the unveiling of 6 brand new short films made in just 8 exhilarating days at our annual Crazy8s 2021 Online Gala Screening Showcase. This one-time-only screening won’t be repeated so secure your ticket today.

Immediately following the screening, we’re taking Vancouver’s largest film and television industry party online. Head over to Gather (entrance included in your admission) to mix and mingle at the first ever Crazy8s Virtual Gala After-Party. Network and party in the interactive environments of this proximity chat-based online gathering platform. This will be a party to remember.

Note: this Broadcast is geolocked and available only in British Columbia.



A 12-year-old boy with a mixed heritage tries to come to terms with the tragedy of his father’s death while fulfilling his responsibilities at the complex funeral held in both Muslim and Christian traditions.

Directed by: Jay Kamal

Written by: Jay Kamal & Javier Badillo

Producers: Panta Mosleh, Javier Badillo

Featuring: Kingston Gomes, Abraham Asto, Hani Mefti, Helena Marie, Mohamad Hajem


Crumbs is the story of Shylo, a young boy who summons an imaginary clown who helps him deal with the traumas of life after his mother remarries an abusive man.

Directed by: Jessey Nelson & Cody Nelson

Written by: Jessey Nelson & Kyle Siemens

Producers: Kyle Siemens, Joel Panas, Cole Vandale, Rami Kahlon

Featuring: Zebastin Borjeau, Jarrod Evanyshyn, Stephanie Izsak, Jeff Gladstone, Calix Fraser


A kidnapped family man has his life hanging in the balance as a pair of highwaymen decide his fate.

Directed by: Sebastian Ortiz Wilkins

Written by: Sebastian Ortiz Wilkins & Moheb Jindran

Producers: Moheb Jindran & Allen Xu

Featuring: Christian Daniel Echegoyen & Manuel Hernandez Pacheco


A grieving widower has his dead wife’s consciousness uploaded into her bio-synthetic replica. Once activated, she begins experiencing flashes of terrifying images as buried secrets force their way to the surface threatening both of them.

Directed by: Luvia Petersen

Written by: Huelah Lander

Producer: Amanda Konkin

Featuring: Hiro Kanagawa, Carmen Moore


When Kamal’s adult son introduces a 3D food-printing appliance into their home, it shatters her maternal identity and forces her to go on a journey to heal old wounds, rediscover herself, and literally battle the machine.

Directed by: Tesh Guttikonda

Written by: Tesh Guttikonda

Producers: Shyam Valera, Kashif Pasta, Tesh Guttikonda, Praneet Akilla

Featuring: Nimet Kanji, Praneet Akilla, Balinder Johal, Rhona Rees and Ess Hödlmoser


Set in 1983, Tryst is about a young, black couple coming to terms with the husband's desire to take cross-dressing out of the bedroom.

Directed by: Rachel Rose

Written by: Shayn Walker & Rachel Rose

Producers: Mohamed Ibrahim, Alisa Luke

Featuring: Anesha L. Bailey, Shayn Walker



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