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Juliet Di Carlo - I’ve Got a Case of the Mondays
The film I’ve got a case of the Mondays is a slightly dramatized version of the effect of continuously ignoring our own loneliness.
Sylvia Matas - New Rooms
Photographs never give us the whole story and my videos refer to those gaps by extending the narratives beyond the frame and describing things that can’t be seen by the viewer.
Hayashi Yuki × Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University (Hyogo, Japan) - Cells and Glass
The protagonist is a glass artisan who has undergone a transplant of an organ generated in an animal’s body.
Sharlene Bamboat - The Wind Sleeps Standing Up
Memory and biography are examined through experiments in narration as Bamboat plays with ambiguous boundaries between fact and fiction.
Katherine Boyer - A Valley in Twain
Boyer reflects on her family’s displacement from the Souris Valley (now McDonald Lake) by way of the construction of the Rafferty Dam in 1988.
Warren Chan - I Dream of Vancouver
I Dream of Vancouver is an experimental short that explores this question through the digital landscape of Vancouver, BC.
Maedeh Mosaverzadeh - 12 minutes forever III
Average useful life of a plastic bag is 12 minutes, but the first plastic bag ever created is still sitting somewhere out there.
Jean-Pierre Marchant - A Life on the Borderlands
An auto-ethnographic film about my father told via Super8 film, video, personal archive, and oral history. A story of a mysterious past, immigration, class, and politics.
Yam Lau - Rotation: In the Texture of the World
winning an ancient fold tale about a hidden civilization with the plight of an urban village out of step with an encroaching mega-city, Lau suggests that its discovery is less reliant upon mapping than it is to tuning to its unique frequency in the world.
Sepideh Tajalizadeh Dashti - Counterpoint
his work is not a question of which countries political systems should be privileged, but how to transcend the cycle of violence by questioning the authorities?
Donna Szoke - Midst
Midst questions our relationship to natural spaces, inviting our imaginations to repopulate those spaces. How do we rethink what it is to be a more-than-human animal beyond being another disposable body for the interests of advanced capitalism?

2020 is the 14th edition of Photophobia, a festival of short-format contemporary media, film, video and moving image hosted in partnership between the Art Gallery of Hamilton and Hamilton Artists Inc. Established in 1999, Photophobia is Hamilton’s first film and video festival dedicated to the development of experimental time-based media. Not confined by restrictions or themes, Photophobia is a free, juried festival that invites the community to experience a showcase of contemporary work that tests the boundaries of each medium.

We all say that we are okay, brush off the bad things that happen, and continue our routines. But as we become more and more isolated, surely there comes a point when we can’t just deflect friends’ concerns with a few words. What if our “usual” ways of coping are just a few small steps away from the edge. The film I’ve got a case of the Mondays is a slightly dramatized version of the effect of continuously ignoring our own loneliness.

Juliet Di Carlo (b. 2002) works in a variety of different mediums including film and installation, exploring object permanence and relational aesthetics. She takes apart common objects, relationships and interactions, and reconstructs them to present humanity through a new lens. She currently lives and works in Toronto where she is a part of the MOCA – Akin studio residence.

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    Juliet Di Carlo