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Panel: Rethinking Food Systems

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Rethinking Food Systems Panel

Originally screened as part of EFFA Presents: Out of this World (29 Oct - 8 Nov 2020)

2020 has taught us so much about our connections to food, farms and neighbours. And we’re still learning as we go. Many of us have discovered a love for local produce and home cooking during the COVID-19 lockdowns. So we’re curious to know: what do you think our post-COVID-19 food system should look like?

In this hour-long live-streamed panel, we're joined by Nornie Bero (Mabu Mabu), Erica Hughes (Farmer Meets Foodie) and Tish King (SEED) discussing the intersecting issues of food citizenship, native foods, the impacts of COVID-19 and food system transformation.

This event was supported by SEED.


Erica Hughes | Have you ever tried to organise an event using produce from your local region? Farmer Meets Foodie founder Erica Hughes did this and came across the challenges of not knowing what produce was in season, which farmers would have it and which would be able to provide the quantities she was after. Erica lives on a small farm in Far North Queensland with her husband, son and daughter. The whole family is passionate about supporting farmers and harvesters in getting good value for their products, sharing the stories behind how food is grown, reducing food waste, reducing food miles and supporting commercial foodies in their commitment to using local produce.

Nornie Bero | Nornie Bero is the head chef and business owner of Mabu Mabu. Originally from Mer Island in the Torres Strait, Nornie has been a professional chef for over 20 years. Her style of cooking is all about generosity and flavour. She has been creating dishes using native ingredients for much of her career, and is currently on a mission to make Indigenous herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits part of everyone's kitchen pantry.  

Tishiko King | Tishiko King is a proud Torres Strait Islander with strong connections to Masig and Badu Islands and is the Community Organiser at Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, as well as an Impact Coordinator with EFFA. Whilst studying Ocean Science at University on the Gold Coast, Tish has been actively involved with local grassroots organising environmental groups across Australia and overseas. With experience across different industries at CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere and exploration and minerals in Cape York, Tish brings a diverse perspective of First Nations and environmental justice. Tish believes in working towards sustainable futures for First Nations communities because as a Torres Strait Islander understands first-hand impacts of climate change. Our islands and our oceans are who we are, our way of life and our languages. We are so connected to our islands spiritually, that when our country and our islands hurt, we hurt.

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