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Panel: Meat the Future - At The Intersection of Food & Tech

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Meat the Future - At The Intersection of Food & Tech Panel. 

Originally screened as part of EFFA Presents: Out of this World (29 Oct - 8 Nov 2020)

Liz Marshall, Director of Meat the Future, joins industry experts David Kay (Memphis Meats), Bianca Le (Cellular Agriculture Australia) and Thomas King (Food Frontier), alongside moderator Prof Robyn Warner, in this enlightening exploration of the technology, attitudes, and debates surrounding 'clean meat'.

This discussion takes a deep dive into 'cell-based meat' - once considered science-fiction - at the intersection of food and technology, and what it means for our future and for us as consumers.


Professor Robyn Warner | Prof. Robyn Warner is the Domain leader for Food and Nutritional science in the School of Agriculture and Food at The University of Melbourne. She is Australia’s contact person for the Annual International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, the editor-in-chief for the Meat Science section of the on-line journal Food, and the Chair of the University of Melbourne-sponsored Hallmark Research Project Initiative Future Food.

Liz Marshall | Director of Meat the Future and an award-winning Canadian filmmaker, Liz Marshall has has written, produced, directed and filmed diverse international and socially conscious documentaries, since the 1990s. Her work has been released theatrically, been broadcast globally, made available digitally, and has screened for hundreds of grassroots communities around the globe.

David Kay | David Kay is the Senior Manager of Communications & Operations and first employee at Memphis Meats, a food company developing a way to produce real meat by growing animal cells without the need to raise full animals. David leads the company’s public relations strategy as well as its efforts to mobilize mission-driven supporters at both an institutional and grassroots level.

Bianca Le | Bianca Le is a cell biologist who is passionate about the capacity for science to do good. She completed her PhD in Anatomy and Developmental Biology at the Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monash University. Bianca is also a science communicator, and has previously given public talks, spoken on radio, and published articles on various topics including science policy, diversity in STEM, ecology, biomedicine, and cellular agriculture

Thomas King | Thomas King is a social entrepreneur, international speaker and future food specialist who has been recognised as one of Australia’s most accomplished young pioneers. Realising the limitations of industrial animal agriculture to sustainably feed the global population into the future, Thomas founded Food Frontier in 2017 to help industry, innovators and policymakers champion alternative proteins and create a more sustainable, nutritious and future-proof food supply. 

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