Engauge Experimental Film Festival 2020

Program A: Letters To and From

Expired October 28, 2020 6:00 PM
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CENTURY: summer
CENTURY: summer highlights life on filmmaker Stephanie Hough's family's small farm during the high production period of the summer months, emphasizing how to connect with land, work and family history.
A tightly regimented series of views from around the town of Bethesda and the nearby abandoned Dinorwic slate quarry in North Wales portrays the scars of this historic local industry as a ghostly, oppressive presence in the landscape. Short clips shot on DS8mm are arranged in a tiled, grid-like structure that evokes the stacks of roofing slates once produced in the old quarry.
letters to [and from] Pablo
Improvised visual letters breach sense, distance, and substance. Featuring Citrus Máxima + Camellia Sinesis from the album Seeds by Pablo Schvarzman.
Created with the support of Mono No Aware
10 Things to Remember
A film about processing and releasing grief after a loved one takes their own life. It examines the continually spreading positive and negative influences one can have on others during life and after death, and the complexities and contradictions of human sorrow.
As the US ramps up border enforcement during Summer 2019, a formerly undocumented activist prepares for her naturalization test with her filmmaker-partner. In impressionistic scenes that span North Carolina and the Arizona borderlands, jingoistic displays of patriotism and creative acts of revolt, the film playfully interrogates the paradoxes of citizenship.
An experimental music video for Leo Crandall's "How," included in the album Unknowable and Stunning Thing. Shot in 16mm and Super 8 film.
Hear Me Sometimes
The monarch migration and an unearthed cassette tape correspondence form the backbone of a storm of speaking towards motherhood, loss, expectation, care and legacy.
Des lignes pour colorier l’intérieur/Lines to color within
EXT. DAY. MONTRÉAL. / On the outskirts of the metropolitan highway, a Mediterranean fig tree stands. / Said Ficus carica, this tree is the work of a 60-year-old Montréaler of Argentine origin. / The miracle of a backyard where three regions of the world meet. / The story of an observation.

Filmmakers use the short form to address their concerns, remember loved ones, or celebrate an environment. (62 min.)

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In this program:

  • * Stephanie Hough, CENTURY: Summer
  • John Barlow, Slate
  • * Rana San, letters to [and from] Pablo
  • * Matt Whitman, THE MEDICATION (ON BLUE)
  • * Asher Coffield, 10 Things to Remember
  • * Alex Morelli, Becoming
  • Vasilios Papaioannu, How
  • Sofia Theodore-Pierce, Hear Me Sometimes
  • * Matthew Wolkow, Des lignes pour colorier l’intérieur/Lines to Color Within

Shot entirely on 16mm color film, CENTURY: summer showcases filmmaker Stephanie Hough's family farm in St. Paul, Oregon. Recently awarded Century Farm status by the state of Oregon, the land has been farmed by her family for over 100 years. Her uncle, who has operated the farm independently since the 1990s, now finds himself in transition as he moves into retirement. The film highlights life on the small farm in high production during the summer months, emphasizing how to connect with land, work and family history.

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    10 minutes
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  • Director
    Stephanie Hough