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In this lonely contemplation of a past summer, the ancient promontory becomes a parenthetical projection of frantic lines and alternating impressions.
Because the sky is blue
A short piece paying tribute to my hometown Wuhan, China, applying cyanotype methods to 15-second social media videos from my childhood friends' feeds.
threshold. between two states of being. the boundary of perception.
five miles Another (for Diana)
A meditation on loss and what is left behind. A letter to a friend.
A Return
Peering into layers, sliding planes of windows and time, the fragmentary gesture of the dance. A series of rapid contrasts, a synthesis of elemental and everyday experience. Structures shift and intermingle, two worlds become one.
Psychic Meat
"The film is a diary and act of bearing witness in which Wardell tells of his father’s artificial heart valve, the industrial farming industry that both provided the tissue for it and arguably hastened its necessity, and their somewhat distant father-son relationship." Poetically hand-developed in salt, a curing agent for meat. (Excerpt from a synopsis by Ben Nicholson for Alt/Kino)
Black is made entirely using images from found 16mm footage. The movie reflects the director's observations of the political and cultural turmoil after the 1979 revolution in Iran, along with her experiences of everyday life abroad.
Out in the Sky Nobody Sleeps
“Put me on the train, send me back to my home. Couldn't live without you when I tried to roam.”
Film for Storm de Hirsch
Rephotographed psychedelic painted and scratched images, collaged and abstracted. An homage to underground experimental poet and filmmaker, Storm de Hirsch; one of the great unsung women in avant-garde film in the 1960s.

These films occupy the thresholds among nostalgia, sorrow, renewal, loss, longing and memory.

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Parenthesis, a short impressionistic poem, liberates the inserted thought from its master. The film's mirrored beginning and ending render the inserted material, not as an explanation or afterthought but rather as the dominant point where the natural and civilized worlds claim their separate space before colliding, as the continual breathing of the sea becomes increasingly intense and urgent. Whatever may be going on in the outside world is kept at bay by the visual parentheses.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    5 minutes
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  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Vasilios Papaioannu