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LIVE OFFERING REPLAY: Seduction - an erotic novel written and read by Maya

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Seduction - Erotic Novel written and read by Maya

Become the main character of this erotic narrative. Surrender to my voice and indulge in the story line where imagination melts in with reality. Join this unique experience and get aroused just by the thought of closing your eyes and stepping into the delicious unknown. Are you ready for more pleasure? 

Hello dear Erotica lovers

This is an invitation to go on a sensual & sexual journey with me where you will be one of the main characters. This will be a mixture of storytelling and meditation … just in a juicy way. Inspired by my imagination and fuelled by your fantasy … are you ready for more pleasure!?

My wish for you is to be flexible with my words and certain details in the story and for you to adjust them for your personal liking so you can get the most amount of pleasure out of the story. 

Find a comfortable, undisturbed spot where you can fully relax into the experience ideally using headphones or a good speaker while you listen. Feel free to be naked or wear light clothes and enjoy touching your body if you wish to do so. Close your eyes and enjoy!

I trust that you stay true to your boundaries and that you will only join this journey as far as it feels good in your body. 

If at any time you feel complete with the storyline simply allow yourself to slowly transition back into your own space. If any emotions or triggers come up for you, feel free to contact me after the live session or the replay

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With a smile of gratitude, 


  • Year
  • Director
    Janie Petersen
  • Producer
    The Ilsa Fay Productions