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YASUNI MAN is the award winning documentary feature about a conflict raging deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon. It's a real-life Avatar story. Once under siege by missionaries seeking to civilize them, the Waorani people battle industry operatives and their own government in a fight to survive. Join filmmaker Ryan Patrick Killackey and his Waorani friend Otobo as they embark on an expedition into the most biodiverse forest on Earth. Witness what may be lost as oil companies encroach, human rights violations run rampant, and a forest Eden is destroyed - all for the oil that lies beneath Yasuni.

Featured on National Geographic Radio and TV, BBC Radio, PBS and The Guardian, Killackey’s Yasuni Man traveled the world, earning 35 official selections, 23 nominations, and 15 award wins. The film screened in 16 countries worldwide and partnered with the United Nations CINE-ONU program. Translated into 7 languages for it’s streaming release, Yasuni Man continues its effort to raise awareness around the exploitation of indigenous peoples in the Amazon, biodiversity and habitat loss, and the unsustainable exploitation of non-renewable natural resources.

Supported by a diverse coalition of NGOs and a powerful group of celebrities, a portion of the film’s proceeds will go to the Amazon Emergency Fund, a fund created to fight the outbreak of COVID-19 in Amazon indigenous communities - www.amazonemergencyfund.org

*WINNER - "Audience Award for Best Documentary - Explorers and Adventures" - Friday Harbor Film Festival - San Juan Island, WA - 11/5/17



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  • Year
  • Runtime
    94 minutes
  • Language
    English, Spanish
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Ryan Patrick Killackey
  • Cast
    Ryan Patrick Killackey, Otobo Baihua
  • Editor
    Malcolm Lam