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American wild horses, a North American native-species, are fast disappearing as have other megafauna on the continent. They have been severely depleted by government mismanagement down from 2-million wild horses (1920s) to just about 5% of that former population today. The best science tell us that when large-bodied herbivores (megafauna) like wild horses and burros are depleted, catastrophic wildfire evolves, as we now see in California (deer in CA down 2-million animals) and elsewhere. This film depicts American wild horses in a naturally balanced ecosystem where through the processes of evolutionary natural selection (trophic cascades), the vigor of the species is preserved without the use of chemicals (PZP) or other artificial interventions by man. In a naturally balanced ecosystem these majestic beings provide many evolved symbiotic benefits, including the reduction of the grass and brush that kindles and fuels catastrophic wildfire and toxic smoke. 

Wild Horse Fire Brigade is a novel plan that seeks to re-wild American wild horses (and burros) from BLM & USFS corrals into and around carefully selected forest and wilderness areas where they will naturally abate wildfire fuels, each horse providing approximately $70,000.00 in service value over its lifespan providing fuel abatement services; a method superior to prescribed burning and more toxic smoke. This $70k in value is clearly exponentially more than the $160/horse being paid by the cruel Mexican and Canadian meat processors who have no regard for the lives and families of these sentient and highly intelligent beings.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    3.5 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    William E. Simpson II
  • Screenwriter
    William E. Simpson II
  • Cinematographer
    William E. Simpson II
  • Editor
    Steve Hayes
  • Music
    Dmitri Belichenko