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Welcome to the FRAGILE LEGACY Livestream Q&A!

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David Brown, Director 

Dr. Drew Harvell, Subject Matter Expert


I would like to speak to the speed of change in the ocean, and the marked acceleration in change since the Blaschka's time. My inspiration in creating the film was the timing of the Blaschka's work, in that they were making their models during the petrochemical revolution that has so altered the sea. And, as indicated in the film, I hope that we can marshall the incredible ingenuity of our species to innovate our way out of the mess we've made. To this end, discussion of the profound importance of holistic, cross-disciplinary thought being applied to environmental issues is valuable.


Science meets art in the works of the Blaschkas, 19th century creators of perfect glass replicas of ocean life. As scientists around the globe struggle to understand the impact of changing ocean chemistry and temperature, marine biologist Drew Harvell and filmmaker David Brown are on a global quest to film living examples of the Blaschka collection, comparing today’s sea with that of the Blaschka’s time. The film is a celebration of human ingenuity, and our potential to innovate our way out of the environmental crisis we face.