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The spirit of a movement that sometimes reminds us of our young revolutionary self, who still believed that he:she could change the world. 

This green filmed documentary mirrors the global situation and the diversity of climate change-related activism. 

6 continents, 3 dozen filmmakers, countless activists, and seasoned scientists.

It is not about just one person but about many who stand up.


TripleF*** is a documentary on the global climate movement, containing material from six continents (North - and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Antarctica), filmed green by cooperating film teams on site. The topic of climate activism itself as a protagonist takes us on a global journey to activists' lives and forms a dialogue within. Why did so many young people become activists? What is life as an activist like, how do they deal with political stagnation, harsh criticism, and even threats and why do they still continue? Very personal but not private - to protect the activists' privacy, sensitive topics are woven in as a fictional part.


This is the first of 5 Episodes. In this episode, which also stands for itself as a mid-length film, the history of climate change-related activism is highlighted.


In its core spirit of a holistic approach, the project is been realized similarly to its topic of the climate activists' movement: independent, global, green.

Director Statement

New perspectives and inspirations can change whole lives, why not the whole world? As artists, we should use our abilities to open up new horizons and stand up and fight for something that is important to us - our environment, our society, our world. 

I am infinitely grateful to my international and diverse global film team for this great experience, that together we can create such a unique work – a global and yet still green film - 

and maybe we can inspire you as the activists inspired us!


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Director Biography - Simona Theoharova

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, 1986. 

Working on projects with social impact, activism on justice, integration, freedom, peace since 2002. 

Acting on stage since 2004. 

Diploma in psychology in Münster, Germany 2010. 

Acting in various movies since 2012. 

Since 2017, producing with Caravan Fantasia in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

2017/2018 production of award-nominated shorts MairiM (producer and writer) and (L)Only (prod., writer, director) 

2021 tripleF*** first midlength series as a director.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    35 minutes
  • Language
    Bulgarian, English, French
  • Country
  • Director
    Simona Theoharova
  • Screenwriter
    Simona Theoharova
  • Producer
    Simona Theoharova