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"The American Dream" it is a story about the struggle that an undocumented family goes through. After hearing and seeing many stories of the separation of families, and having my own family afraid of even stepping out of their homes due to the fear of "getting caught for no papers", I wanted to portray the pain and the struggle that each family goes through. Risking their own lives and risking it all, all for "the american dream" so we, the children of undocumented parents can live to our fullest potential. I want everyone to see the pain that is caused and that it really can happen to any of us. With all of this, I wanted to create a voice using my platform and I'm willing to do it all to get my statement across.

  • Year
  • Runtime
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Walker Whited
  • Screenwriter
    Kimberly Bustamante
  • Producer
    Ryan Dennett-Smith
  • Cast
    Kimberly Bustamante, Diego F. Diaz, Nicolas Dominguez
  • Cinematographer
    Jason Winn