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BORN INTO THE GIG & Panel Discussion w/the directors, producer and musicians

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BORN INTO THE GIG follows five singer-songwriters who carve their own musical identity in the shadow of their rock star parents' iconic greatness. The cast (and parents):

* CHRIS STILLS -- son of Stephen Stills and French superstar, Veronique Sanson

* SKIP MARLEY -- grandson of Bob Marley

* KORI WITHERS -- daughter of the hit-maker Bill Withers

* BEN TAYLOR -- son of James Taylor and Carly Simon

* SALLY TAYLOR -- daughter of James Taylor and Carly Simon

For these "children of," a career path in music may seem perfectly obvious. But the reality of making it on their own merits in "the family business," takes each character on a journey fraught with unexpected turns, emotional pain, and surprising highs.  Chris struggles to balance the touring life with single fatherhood. Ben writes countless tunes on his family's farm though he claims that, "no matter how successful" he becomes, he'll always "feel like a failure." Daunted by her fathers' legacy of world-class pop tunes, Kori battles self-doubt as she records her first album. Sally trades her touring singer-songwriter life for something entirely different in the art world. And Skip Marley, the self-described "rookie" of the Marley clan, rockets from playing in his bedroom at age 19 to releasing a first hit and joining Katy Perry at the Grammys.  

While showcasing a new range of talent, BORN INTO THE GIG also goes behind the scenes to hear from the parents themselves, and ultimately explores what it means to find one's own voice.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    81 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Kate Davis and David Heilbroner
  • Producer
    Tamara Weiss and David Heilbroner
  • Cast