First Cut! Youth Film Festival 2021

First Cut! Open Call Programme 2

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First Cut! Open Call Programme 2 - Introduction
A teenager is waiting for the bus but he's distracted...
This Ain’t No Disco
As a boy swipes his smartphone he is lured into the world of social media.
Two teenagers use a new social media app that encourages dares and dangerous behaviour.
Dead Noodles
A horror comedy about a girl making noodles until terror strikes.
CNP - Visit to the Lacunary Space of Memory
A train journey is a pretext to recall family memories imbued with involuntary memory.
Under appreciated by her husband, Dawn becomes jealous of her daughter's relationship.
A hypnotherapist hypnotises a client to get information about a malicious event he might have witnessed.
As If I Remember
A short film on love, loss and learning to let go.
Two students who were childhood friends begin to realise how different they have become.
A driver encounters a stranger, whose hobby is painting houses.
Radiohead Trauma
A demonic force takes control of the radio waves.
A creative concept encouraging the complex theme of individuality.
A surrealist view on mental health that conveys the filmmaker's emotions when he was a freshman in high school and navigating confusing feelings.
Mila is fighting to stay clean but everywhere she turns the people in her life are struggling with addiction.
Water Bottle Aid
This short film shows that through the power of editing, help is only a bottle throw away!
The Windsor Knot
A boy has a final conversation with his father.
Why Life Ends?
"There are candies in a child's life. There are trees, flowers, insects. There is no death in a child's life. All the beauty that exists for him will exist forever."
Coffee Break
Worker 171 works to please his AI supervisor, but for how long can he keep it up?
First Cut! Open Call Programme 2 Q&A
Q&A with Fiona Sykes, Muirinn Carty and Shane Joyce, hosted by First Cut! Festival's Max Le Cain

First Cut welcomes short films of every genre by young people aged 12 to 18 from Ireland and abroad. The skill and imagination of young filmmakers shines through in the diverse and entertaining films that make up this programme. It includes a rich array of films from schools, youth groups and individual filmmakers, and presents a vibrant cross section of youth filmmaking today.

FOMO (Kevin Meggs & Max Hendrickson)

This Ain’t No Disco (Léigh Carroll – County Wexford Youth Film Project)

Gaiste (Michael Keane)

Dead Noodles (Veronica Howells)

CNP – Visit to the Lacunary Space of Memory (Adina Constantin)

Dawn (Ailish Dynan – Aquinas Diocesan Grammar School)

Hypno (Fiona Sykes)

As If I Remember (Leone Fiorito Wright – Kenmare Youth Film)

Magnets (Mel Larkin)

Painting (Cian Rowley – Emerging Limerick Filmmakers)

Radiohead Trauma (Liam Cronly – Autism Support Louth & Meath)

Liber (Muirinn Carty)

Masked (Felix Kiene-Gualtieri)

Recovery (Demi Duffy – Swan Youth Services)

Water Bottle Aid (National Youth Film & Animation School/Young Irish Filmmakers)

The Windsor Knot (Josh Kenny)

Why Life Ends? (Furkan Arslantas)

Coffee Break (Shane Joyce)

Panel Discussion: Fiona Sykes (Hypno), Shane Joyce (Coffee Break) and Muirinn Carty (Liber) will discuss their work in a panel moderated by programmer Max Le Cain.

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