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Nine of the best documentaries made by filmmakers from Australia, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands and the UK.

Here are stories about people facing challenges, both personal and environmental.

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Cambio Tutto


In Dept(h)ford

When better letters met…Barbara Enright

Mind Bending

Boomers To Zoomers

Olive Harvest

Big Pink Dress


TITLE: Nania

DIRECTOR: Nicolas Vasseur


RUN TIME: 15m13s

Rate and Review Code: P0TTJ

Nania is a thirteen year old Muslim female thai-boxer, trained by her father in Bangkok. We experience her reality and the lead-up to a big fight.

TITLE: Cambia Tutto

DIRECTOR: Ana Mouyis & Fox Schwach


RUN TIME: 4m24s

Rate and Review Code: UAQ5H


Comprised of over 2500 images that, when brought together in sequence, take the viewer through the small Italian village of Cavaso del Tomba — a place that has changed from a cultural epicentre of its rural region to a sleepy town surrounded by industrial sites.

TITLE: Foreplay

DIRECTOR: Anne van Campenhout

COUNTRY: Netherlands


Rate and Review Code: ZORDT


Imagine you’re thirteen, your teacher is showing you how to use a condom in front of your entire class and images of different sex positions are flashing before your eyes. In the documentary FOREPLAY we see children receiving their most memorable lesson yet: sex education. Their faces are flushed with embarrassment and curiosity, but what’s going on in their minds?

TITLE: In Dept(h)ford

DIRECTOR: Mary Livesey & Linda Cipoloni & Niamh Fitzgerald & Samya Bachani


RUN TIME: 1m58s

Rate and Review Code: G2IHK

Documentary about the non-profit and volunteer run community cinema situated in Deptford, South East London.

TITLE: When better letters met…Barbara Enright

DIRECTOR: Lewis Eyers-Stott

COUNTRY: Australia

RUN TIME: 10m38s

Rate and Review Code: S4LXL

Short biopic of Australian sign, showcard and ticket writer Barbara Enright. This is the fourth short film in the 'When Better Letters Met' series.

TITLE: Mind Mending

DIRECTOR: Markus Schröder


RUN TIME: 16m31s

Rate and Review Code: FVV46

Filipe is only 36 when he suffers a stroke performing on stage with his heavy metal band. Believing that live music will help his recovery, and frustrated by his aphasia, a communication disorder brought on by stroke, Filipe attempts to reconnect with the world by visiting music festivals dressed as a bunny rabbit.

TITLE: Boomers to Zoomers: Veganism

DIRECTOR: Mary Livesey & Stephen Hak & Ji Hoon Kim


RUN TIME: 3m17s

Rate and Review Code: YB5EG


Is going vegan is just another trend or a climate changing lifestyle?

TITLE: Olive Harvest

DIRECTOR: Lane Shipsey

COUNTRY: Republic of Ireland

RUN TIME: 10m35s

Rate and Review Code: QY0PK


A short doc about small scale olive growing in Western Greece, an area where olives have been grown for centuries.

TITLE: Big Pink Dress

DIRECTOR: Chris J Allen


RUN TIME: 10m28s

Rate and Review Code: 05O42

Colin, a 50-year-old, 6’6” “bloke” from the North East has been an inspiration to thousands, raising money running marathons in extravagant handcrafted dresses.

Big Pink Dress gives an insight into Colin’s fundraising journey, the highs and lows he has faced along the way, and why he believes it may be time to hang up the dress.