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No Desire to Hide

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In a daring departure from his previous documentaries chronicling Chinese pro-democracy interventions and more direct social issues, director Rikun Zhu shifts to interrogating how art, filmmaking, and internal and external immigration for Chinese youth might deploy an expressive, intimate form of activism. A skillfully executed observational documentary, NO DESIRE TO HIDE goes inside the bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and dreams of young filmmaker Wu Haohao, a devoted Maoist enfant terrible filmmaker who desires to emigrate to the capitalist West and his girlfriend, dancer Ge Ningning.

The film twists and torques contradictions between fiction and documentary, performance and naturalism, observation and intrusion, China and the West, Maoism and capitalism, feminism and patriarchal sexism, exploitation and collaboration, refusing to resolve any of them—and leaving the audience disturbed and questioning.”

 —Patricia Zimmermann, Director, Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival

The film shows the ordinary lives of young people in China, with all their romantic problems, unfulfilled dreams and existential crises that are interwoven into everyday dialogues and conversations with the director. The two central protagonists try to function in an open relationship, which suits only one of the partners, while the other suffers and longs for a family life. The possibility of emigration to America is a hope, but it is gradually receding due to the worsening political situation. The camera captures even the most intimate moments and puts the viewer in the position of a voyeur observing the exposed bodies and souls.
  • Year
  • Runtime
    94 minutes
  • Language
    Chinese, English
  • Country
    China, United States
  • Director
    Rikun Zhu