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The Golden Harvest

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“This piquant documentary maps the intimate relationship between our identities and the lands we live on by unearthing the stories of olive oil farmers in Italy, Greece, Spain, Israel, and Palestine. As we traverse the Mediterranean locales where olives are cultivated, we watch olives being harvested by hand, by rake, and by robot. The debut film of Palestinian-American novelist, journalist, screenwriter, and professor Alia Yunis argues that though wars and borders have come and gone even in just the last century, trees have stayed put.

The film’s message reflects one olive grower’s description of the best olive oil as it pairs notes of fruity with earthy, sweet with bitter. By unearthing the 6,000-year-old love story between olive trees and their owners, Yunis gives us a taste of the complexity surrounding the humble olive’s imbrication in questions of nation, terroir, health, history, science, and politics.”

—Leah Shafer, Associate Producer, Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival

In this illuminating and artistic documentary from Alia Yunis, we follow the history and relationship between olive trees and the Mediterranean people that have overseen their cultivation and well-being for thousands of years. A love letter to a staple ingredient in global cuisine and the people that keep the industry going, The Golden Harvest includes a revelatory exploration into the evolving environments, societies and demographics of the European and Middle Eastern regions where the tree resides. Bringing to the the surface the rarely discussed cultural and environmental costs involved with the production of the tree's prize oil, the film expertly balances its documentarian aspects with its unbridled love for the tree and its history. Featuring a diverse range of interviews from those who know and love the olive tree, Yunis' doc is a lovingly crafted tribute that is not to be missed.

  • Runtime
    85 minutes
  • Language
    Arabic, English, Greek, Italian, Spanish
  • Director
    Alia Yunis