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After witnessing human rights abuses at a detention center for undocumented immigrant children, an idealistic young reporter — already traumatized by what she has seen — is subjected to an onslaught of death threats. Pushed to the brink of a breakdown and petrified to the point where she can no longer do her job, she turns to an old friend for help.
  • Year
  • Runtime
    21 minutes
  • Language
  • Director
    Andrew Serban
  • Screenwriter
    Andrew Serban
  • Executive Producer
    Andrew Serban
  • Cast
    Kate Garfield, Britt Michael Gordon, Matt Riker
  • Cinematographer
    Predrag Dubravcic
  • Editor
    Soojin Chung, Andrew Serban
  • Production Design
    Madeline Rocco
  • Composer
    James Hall
  • Sound Design
    James Hall