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In a rural area of Mongolia where a person with down syndrome rarely seen, if recognized highly ostracized or seriously stigmatized by the society, a boy Jam /Fate/ with trisomy grow up with the help of loving mother. His mother chose to live keeping distance from people in order to raise her son peacefully avoiding the risk of social discrimination. For that purpose, she had her youngest daughter adopted by another person and so daughter could have a better life. Mother left the town to a remote are to do animal husbandry to provide everyday needs. As the days elapse, Mother passed away due to old age and Jam faces with the life altering moment of psychological, emotional, and physical distress.

Jam fortuitously met a monk at the difficult time when he could not comprehend due to his mother’s sudden passing away. The monk, who had been practicing meditative seclusion on in the wild for a long time, helped Jam to perform the traditional Mongolian ritual of open air burial and both re-develops the deep spiritual connection with the natural and wild life. While doing this, they put a mark on the mother's body in accordance with the Mongolian nomadic custom so that Jam could recognize his mother when she reincarnated in reborn.

While doing this, they put a mark on the mother’s body in accordance with the custom of Mongolian traditional burial/funeral so that the Jam could recognize his mother when she reincarnated in reborn.

Loneliness and the sudden loss of his beloved mother, grievances and mourning fall upon Jam for a while. However, he returns to a normal independent life with the knowledge of his mother’s teachings. His adopted sister was pregnant when their mother died. Five years later, his sister came to Jam with her daughter to return together to the place where her mother had been inhumated. Jam suddenly went overwhelmed to see his mother’s mark on his niece’s hand. This is the nature of love, the interdependence of man and nature, the eternal lineage of the mother and offspring, the meaning of human life.

A human life is nothing but a dwelling in the intertwined trinity of the past, present and future or in the realm of the TRIO under the father heaven and the mother earth. There is no way one can escape in the midway. Humans come onto earth and return into earth, and that is the only truth. Even as time passes, attuned mental talk between the mother and the child, breathing and living under the sun with one heart do not fade but become more like an eternal spiritual lullaby to each other, and this is the natural law. The tendency to be rude, overly compassionate, or discriminating against people with Down Syndrome, as well as rude explanations in connection with the words Mongol, Mongoloid and Mongolism, has not disappeared from our society. The world speaks many languages, but we have only one common language. This is love.

Leave no one behind!

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    Battumur Dorj