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A tale of dirt, soap, and magic set in a cult on a remote Greek island.

Grimmfest Says: On the surface, Nikias Chryssos' new film couldn't appear more different, swapping as it does the cramped, enclosed, subterranean environment of DER BUNKER, for the wide, open, cloudless skies, clear blue oceans, and pastoral island idyll of the Greek Mediterranean. And yet this is no less claustrophobic a film, equally concerned with unhealthy group dynamics and control. A kind of allegorical fairy tale played straight, it mixes elements of THE MAGUS and MIDSOMMAR, with the real-life history of the Jonestown Cult, as the deranged son of a Nazi industrialist sets himself up as a messiah figure, with a whole religion built around Wagner, Greek Mythology, Christianity, and soap(!), and takes it upon himself to “save” the disenfranchised street kids of Athens. There are nods to HG Wells' THE TIME MACHINE with its Morlocks and Eloi, and possibly to Mervyn Peake's GORMENGHAST Trilogy, both in the depiction of how the society is run, and in some of the sociopolitical points the film seems to be making. Visually stunning, with a striking use of landscape and location (the contrast between the island retreat and the sleazy neon-lit night time streets of Athens is particularly effectively used), beautifully staged and elegantly played by a strong cast, it's a wry, witty, weird and wonderful fable of oppression and freedom, light and darkness, in which cleanliness is not always next to Godliness.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    90 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Premiere
    UK Premiere
  • Rating
  • Director
    Nikias Chryssos
  • Screenwriter
    Lars Henning Jung, Nikias Chryssos
  • Producer
    Alexis Wittgenstein
  • Cast
    Sam Louwyck, Greta Bohacek, Claude Heinrich
  • Cinematographer
    Yoshi Heimrath
  • Editor
    Carsten Eder, Stephan Bechinger
  • Production Design
    Marcel Beranek