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"Cults and Dystopia" Short Film Showcase

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There is no doubt that the horrors facing the world right now are creeping into how I am arranging films to tell a story. Sometimes it feels like dystopia has not only begun, but is well underway. I never imagined the extent to which the most bizarre and fringe types of conspiracy theories would join the pandemic in leading this charge toward an uncertain future that is filling so many of us with dread. These films express all of this.

The partly real story of a cruise ship vacation for conspiracy theorists that takes a turn for the surreal when their most outlandish theories come true on board. It's a nuanced portrait of the subculture and its figureheads; considering the feedback loop of pathologies of conspiratorial thinking, hucksterism, and real historical context. Oh, and it's inspired by a real event. Starring Henry Zebrowski.

Two hallmarks of the 2020 Coronovirus pandemic are the massive influx of conspiracy theories and the nature of the cruise ship as a petri dish. And here we have both in a film that was completed a year ago! Conspiracy Cruise really highlights that line between absurdity and terror by presenting a perfect blend of both. It is probably far more effective now. -Miguel

Director: Brad Abrahams is a documentary filmmaker and commercial director from Toronto, Canada, now in Austin, TX. His all-consuming interests in radical science, cryptozoology, and general esoterica inspiring his stories. Though he has not yet had a supernatural experience, he is ready and willing.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    12 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
    Southern California
  • Director
    Brad Abrahams
  • Screenwriter
    Brad Abrahams
  • Producer
    Hugues Barbier, Matt Ralston, Nelson Hernandez
  • Cast
    Henry Zebrowski
  • Cinematographer
    Ava Benjamin Shorr
  • Editor
    Brad Abrahams
  • Production Design
    Paula Zimmermann
  • Sound Design
    Matt Olivo, Thomas Roberts
  • Music
    Guy Bartell