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"Cults and Dystopia" Short Film Showcase

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There is no doubt that the horrors facing the world right now are creeping into how I am arranging films to tell a story. Sometimes it feels like dystopia has not only begun, but is well underway. I never imagined the extent to which the most bizarre and fringe types of conspiracy theories would join the pandemic in leading this charge toward an uncertain future that is filling so many of us with dread. These films express all of this.

In a forgotten village, where everyone is cut from the same cloth, a new, self-proclaimed leader arrives changing the local way of life. Dividing lines are carved out as the once unified society is torn and segregated. THEM is a cautionary tale of misguided ideologies, destructive leadership and of being an outsider. But most importantly, it is a film about celebrating what we have in common rather than what separates us.

"The entire history of the world and the story of humanity in under 15 minutes. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE." -Laila Ayad

Director: Robin Lochmann is an Irish / German, award winning filmmaker with over 10 years of experience. He is based in Berlin where he is creating music videos, short films, art films and other video content.


2019 THEM (15 min, fiction, animated short)

2017 TO THE LIGHT / MARY OCHER (03:25 min, music video) 2015 SUPERHUMAN / ANDREW BAYER FEAT. ASBJØRN (03:38 min, music video)

2015 LET ME / ROBOT KOCH (03:14 min, music video)

2012 MISSING CHILDREN (07 min, fiction, short)

2011 KULT LEADER / WOLL & SPOEK MATHAMBO (03:31 min, music video) 2009 COLLAPSIBLE STRUCTURES / NEXUS (04:09 min, music video)


  • Year
  • Runtime
    15 minutes
  • Country
  • Director
    Robin Lochmann
  • Screenwriter
    Robin Lochmann
  • Producer
    Matthias Schwerbrook, Robin Lochmann
  • Cast
    Ryan JamesKey, Yalin Özer
  • Cinematographer
    Mika Ceron
  • Editor
    Robin Lochmann
  • Animator
    Robin Lochmann
  • Sound Design
    Frank Kruse, Carsten Richter