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"We Are In This Together" Short Film Showcase

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Since the coronavirus pandemic started, there have been many turns of phrase that have been repeated ad nasueum. One of those is the well-intentioned (or is it?) phrase "We Are All In This Together." I decided to look at those words and think about things a bit more intimately, changing it to "We Are In This Together." These stories are about partnerships: marriage, significant others, and the like. As with the short film block about families, you will see that some films will address this phrase with irony, and others will address it with sincerity. All of them use human bonds as the center of either anxiety or hope.

Gwen and Jade encounter unwanted attention during their unplanned stop at a creepy motel.

Trust is something that comes hard for some people, and that is often with some pretty good reasons. As much as we want to put our faith in those closest to us, that very attraction can be exactly what hurts us. I think these are the themes at play here in Thorns, and they ring pretty strongly these days. -Miguel

Directors: Sarah Wisner and Sean Temple are a writing and directing team committed to telling character-driven genre stories with personal and socially-conscious themes. They believe that the horror genre is an invaluable entry point to exploring the human psyche and social condition, and that horror is most effective when it achieves high levels of audience engagement and identification. Wisner and Temple use subtlety and nuance to invite their audiences to derive their own layers of meaning from their thoughtfully composed visuals. Their short films have been featured in numerous festivals and contests, including Fantastic Fest, Beyond Fest, Independent Film Festival Boston, Sidewalk Film Festival, and many more.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    6 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
  • Director
    Sarah Wisner, Sean Temple
  • Screenwriter
    Sarah Wisner, Sean Temple
  • Producer
    Sarah Wisner, Sean Temple, Alex Woodruff, Tim Reis, and Darren Bailey
  • Executive Producer
    Leslie Krogh-Wisner and Jay Wisner
  • Co-Producer
    Abijeet Achar and Duncan Hodges
  • Cast
    Sydni Perry, Kathleen Burke, Tyler Buckingham
  • Cinematographer
    Abijeet Achar
  • Editor
    Sean Temple
  • Production Design
    Emily Pietro
  • Composer
    Mattia C. Mauree
  • Sound Design
    Eli Cohn