Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

"People Behaving Badly" Short Film Showcase

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Let's be real: you really can't have a complete horror program without the slasher, the killer, the villain, or people just plain behaving badly. This group of short films runs the gamut from hilarious hi-jinks to creeping terror to films that somehow provide both in equal measure. There is an age-old horror debate about creature feature scares versus more "realistic" human evil scares. It is a debate I care little for since both serve a purpose (though I will always admit to loving the monsters)!

Once apon a nowadays, a babywear designer turns vigilante. Once apon a time, in a world where public services are collapsing from cuts, baby-wear couturier Christine has sold her home to open PrettyBonnets.com. But when burglars break-in and the police won’t come. Christine has no choice. She has to go down and stop them!

More wild hi-jinks from Hope In A Box director Mick Dow! The comedic timing of this crew is so on point, and, from what Mick confesses, the idea for this film was inspired by our festival's name! Bonus! -Miguel

The kind of hysterical horror film that had me yelling "Oh, no!" and "Oh my god!" at the screen one minute, and laughing out loud the next. The comedic set ups are brilliant, the plot is clever, and the performances are wonderful. Just the right length to make all the beats land the right way. -Programmer Laila Ayad

Director: Award-winning writer, director, and comedian, Mick Dow was born in Scotland, brought up in Yorkshire and now lives in London.

Beginning as a street performer in Covent Garden, London, Mick went on to UK tours and regular TV appearances with his own take on visual comedy ‘Men in Coats’.

The catalyst to international acclaim came when a fan in the Netherlands posted a video of ‘Men in Coats’ on YouTube. It went viral, and for the next 12 months ‘Men in Coats’ were in YouTube’s top ten most-watched comedy videos worldwide.

With funding from the BBC and WDR, Mick created a live-action TV comedy-drama based on the ‘Men in Coats’. Filmed by Aardman Animations it was broadcast on the BBC and German TV. Inspired by the process, Mick has been making films ever since.

On completing his diploma from the London Film Academy, director Nic Roeg, singled out Mick's graduation for praise, commending it’s ‘considerable humor and a witty resolution.’ In the same year, Mick also wrote the multi-award-winning short ‘Interference’. (Best Student Short - London Short Film Festival, Prix de la Troix Biff 2014, Best Film 2014 Shorts on Tap)

Mick is a hands-on director, who builds his own sets and takes on much of the art direction in all his films. He has art directed several films including the short film 'Lifetime Guarantee’ (Directed by ‘Pretty Bonnets’ DoP Johnnie Ford) for which Mick won Best Art Direction at the Durham Student Film Festival.

Mick is presently developing a feature script and a TV series.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    15 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United Kingdom
  • Director
    Mick Dow
  • Screenwriter
    Mick Dow
  • Producer
    James Browning
  • Cast
    Goldy Notay, Becky Black, Sharon Facinelli, Taryn Kay, Emelie Sarrami, Clifford Hume, Sacha Mandel
  • Cinematographer
    Johnnie Ford
  • Editor
    Tamsin Jeffrey
  • Production Design
    Mick Dow, Gaia Predassi
  • Music
    Antoni M. March