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New Ohio Theatre Ice Factory 2023 Presents



Original Text by Eliya Smith

Directed by Mitchell Polonsky and Chloe Claudel

Live music by Sasha Yakub

Featuring: Paul Lazar, Marcus Amaglo, Chloe Claudel, Juliana Sass

Special Appearance by Jim Fletcher

Produced by Talia Escobedo and Victoria Ungvarsky

Lighting Design: Finn Bamber

Sound Design: Mitchell Polonsky

Production Stage Manager: Leslie Huynh

Costume Design: Abraham E.S. Rebollo-Trujillo!

Production assistant: Luke Philip Bosco

A Jewish cemetery in Deadclass, Ohio, is the place (and time) for a seance. Five generations of E’s family are buried there, as are M’s grandparents, Blue and Luna, who met as children fleeing Nazi occupation and moved together to Deadclass to build a family. After the war, both had returned to Krakow to find all their relatives were dead – their hometown had become a cemetery. Inspired by Tadeusz Kantor’s masterpiece, DEADCLASS, OHIO is a seance of the living and a love story of the dead.