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New Ohio Theatre Ice Factory 2023 Presents

gerstl took the easy way out 

By Lydia Blaisdell

Directed by Ashley Olive Teague

Developed and Produced with Notch Theatre Company

Featuring: Amy Staats,* Marcel Mascaro,* Nikomeh Anderson, Anita Castillo-Halvorssen,* Kathleen Mary Carthy,* Lou Griesman, Nyaira Jones, Eli Wassertzug

Associate Producer and Production Manager: Carin Jennie Estey

Production Stage Manager: Jenny Kennedy*

Costume Design by: Susanne Houstle

Scenic Concepts by: Bruno-Pierre Houle

Lighting by: William DeJianne

Projection Design Consultant: Lacey Erb

Scenic Painter: Katie Kohler

Music by: Jacob Graham

Assistant Director: Stewart Harrision

Production and Costume Assistant: Erin Gruodis-Gimbel

[Untitled Composition] Music by Jacob Graham, Lyrics by Lydia Blaisdell & Jacob Graham

Intimacy Direction: Carin Jennie Estey

*Appearing courtesy of AEA

Support for this production provided by the Connecticut Office of the Arts, New Georges, New Ohio Theatre, Notch Theatre Company, the Cultural District and City of New London, Eileen Donovan, Mark Foggin, Emily Simoness, Charles Carey, R Lee Stump, Kaitlin Whitehorn, Kathryn Van Winkle, and Paz Hilfinger-Pardo and several more generous souls who wish to remain anonymous.