Ideologies & The Promise

Livestream IV: Views from Havana

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Now on Sunday, May 10 (new date), Livestreams host Jason Prah speaks with director Alexandro Pacheco about his trip to the island of Cuba on an Educational Visa in 2017. While in Cuba, Pacheco spoke with over a dozen natural-born Cubans who proudly stand by their nation -- a government that, from our perspective, has kept them sequestered. It is the story of one particular Cuban, and how she explains one of the surprising benefits of the Castro regime, which moved him deeply. This reveal is ultimately the reason we are gathering because it ties this story to what is coming next.

As per usual in Pacheco's cryptic world, that is not even half of what to expect on this final Livestream. Also slated are details of the world premiere of Ideologies & The Promise in a physical theater, plus a lot more. Tune in for one final hour with Jason and Alex; to hear the details first; and learn a few great things about Havana while you're here. The Livestream will begin automatically following a final preview screening of Ideologies & The Promise which starts at 6:02pm ET. If you missed it live, PLEASE WAIT for the Replay to be added before watching.

An examination of theology and ideologies between two Hispanic immigrant women, one Cuban and one Mexican; and a philosophical journey between two cousins reeling from the loss of a family member. Both parts converge with a poignant, family-affirming climax. Adapted from an essay and a short story written by a son and his mother, respectively.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    26 minutes
  • Language
    English, Spanish
  • Country
    United States
  • Premiere
    June 28 (Bali, Indonesia)
  • Rating
  • Director
    Alexandro Pacheco
  • Screenwriter
    Alexandro Pacheco
  • Producer
  • Executive Producer
    Maria S. Mejia
  • Filmmaker
    Alexandro Pacheco
  • Cast
    Carolina Parra, Peter Grieco, Colin Hylander and Vivian Perez with a special appearance by Anne Henna
  • Cinematographer
    Erika Houle
  • Editor
    Alexandro Pacheco
  • Animator
    Nicolas Martinez, based on illustrations by Kimberly Fenwick
  • Production Design
    Alejandro Salazar
  • Composer
    Sanjay Garcia Pamaar
  • Music
    Fiesta Mexicana de Nueva York