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(Replay) Livestream I: The Promise, Philosophy on Process (Special Edition)

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On January 31, 2021, a private preview of Ideologies & The Promise was screened here on Eventive. Host Jason Prah introduces director Alexandro Pacheco and psychotherapist Dan Bloom. Together, they speak candidly in front of a virtual audience about the process of interweaving two stories into Ideologies & The Promise, and about the surprise elements in the film; their origins as well as their consequences.

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Dan Bloom, JD, LCSW is a psychotherapist from the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy. Bloom will focus the conversation on the filmmaker's story, The Promise, an adaptation from a philosophy paper entitled, The Lifelong Secret. The Lifelong Secret will be shared to all participants in the confirmation email after securing your access. If you are interested in attending future conversations, visit the schedule page and consider a Series Pass.

This film is based on two stories that were interwoven (combined) to make one film, Ideologies & The Promise. 'Ideologies' is based on a true story written by Maria S. Mejia (she speaks in detail on that story in Livestream II. 'The Promise' is based on this Philosophy paper the director wrote for an undergraduate class in 2017. That paper is the basis of tonight's discussion. Please note: reading the paper is not a requirement for the talk, just an added bonus. We have included the film ahead of the talk. If you prefer to go directly to the talk, simply scroll to the end of the film using your cursor. The system will automatically move to the next track at the end of whichever track you are on. Enjoy and thank you again.

The Ideologies & The Promise Virtual Experience is comprised of four monthly Livestreams (virtual conversations) in which a member of the Creative Team for Alexandro Pacheco's 2021 film, Ideologies & The Promise, speaks with an invited psychologist on one of the many themes in the film. Replay of each program is divided into the following chapters (move to a different chapter using the scroll/chapter functions on your screen):

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Livestream I

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