The Ideologies & The Promise Experience

(Replay) Livestream I: The Promise, Philosophy on Process (Special Edition)

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Available April 20, 2021 10:00 PM UTC
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The Ideologies & The Promise Virtual Experience is comprised of four monthly Livestreams (virtual conversations) in which a member of the Creative Team for Alexandro Pacheco's 2021 film, Ideologies & The Promise. Guests speaks with an invited psychologist on one of the many themes in the film following a private screening for viewers who then watch the interview with a chance to ask questions in real time. Replay of each program is divided into the following chapters (move to a different chapter using the scroll/chapter functions on your screen):

PLEASE NOTE: Chapter functionality is inactive during the Live feed 

Livestream III

Chapter 1: Logo pre-crawl

Chapter 2: Episode introduction 

Chapter 3: Segment introduction (The Others)

Chapter 4: Film trailer provided by Caleb Seth Czuszak

Chapter 5: Film trailer provided by Samuel León

Chapter 6: Film trailer provided by Kayla Lewis

Chapter 7: Segment introduction (Next)

Chapter 8: Livestream opening

Chapter 9: Featured presentation

Chapter 10: Logo post-crawl