Welcome to the Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati Virtual Festival! Select and pay for the film you want here. Pass holders will be charged 0.00. Next, once the festival has started, you can unlock a virtual screening, you will then have the entire duration of the festival to decide when you want to play the film. Once you start watching (i.e., click "Play"), you will have the "watch window" duration which is 24 hours to play the content. You are unable to unlock or play until the festival starts. You may join in late and start your film, you may pause and get back to your film, or go to the livestream (see link below) for discussions with the director. You can watch the livestream first and the film to follow as long as you have clicked play you have a 24hour window. But only one screening is allowed per ticket. Then it shuts off. Pass holders can order tickets/reserve, they will get a reminder from Eventive to attend the film. The films, Moothon, Hellaro and Chuskit & the Industry panel
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Narrative Feature

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