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A group of top-notch teenage riders compete against one another for the chance to make it to the world's leading motorized academy in Daytona, Florida. Only this year, the competition includes both female and male riders. Will the female riders be given the chance to shatter the glass ceiling they've been competing against all their lives? Or will old world prejudices get in their way yet again? Intense rivalry, true friendship, and budding romances are at the heart of this high paced, action packed drama.

Director Statement

In this high-octane and high-paced drama that speaks to the current generation which consumes its content at lightning speed, I decided to tell the story of a Motor Sports Academy that opens its doors to female students and faculty, for the first time in its history.

The Academy that defines “excellence” as its core value, has in fact accepted two female students and even a female instructor into its midst, but its road to equality is still a ways away.

I chose to tackle an extremely relevant subject that’s been bubbling below the surface for years: the notion of gender equality might reflect the current “zeitgeist” but applying it is still a work in progress. It’s advance has been slow, and while some men have already internalized equality as a value, others still find it difficult to accept women as strong, natural leaders and refuse to accept them all together in certain fields.

The world of motorsports is a terrific breeding ground to connect with the younger generation at their level and speak to them directly, with a film packed with action and music, while the gender issues burn beneath the hoods of the vehicles, their flames just waiting to burst out sooner than later.

The three female characters were constructed in order to showcase the vast issues women face over a broad age range. While Alona, the female student, endures discrimentaion that manifests itself in outright and implied contempt by her male counterparts, Yael, the instructor, finds herself dealing with serious issues that border on harassment. Yael and Alona are mirror images of one another. The image reflected back is of the same iconic woman just a few years into the future, with a different set of experiences and baggage.

While Rona represents the impossible situation in which some of the contenders choose to give up, Alona keeps fighting, as Yael continues to battle the legendary headmaster who has his sights set on her, though not in a professional manner of speaking, Alona will have to endure the bumps in the road inorder to pave her own unique pathways.

The academy’s students and instructors also represent a wide range of equality internalization, while some pride themselves on thinking a woman’s place is outside the gates of the academy, others who might think of themselves as progeressive, will ultimately reveal themselves as outright chauvinists. The third group are the young men who've gone through a full socialization process, see their female counterparts as their partners and equals.

Another complex issue the film touches on is what happens when romantic relationships form in such close quarters? What boundaries should be set in place? And the strict standards women take on themselves in order to not fall prey to their accusers.

This is my 6th film, and while other films have also touched on the issue of gender equality, it’s my sense that creating a film specifically for a young audience will resonate with them and leave a long lasting impressions on them, as it not only forces them to question these issues head on, but the film also provides its viewers with noteworthy female and male role models.

In terms of packaging, the film contains all the workings of a typical teenage film, a soundtrack packed with hits, fast-paced camera work, short and action packed scenes, eye-popping motor vehicles and breathtaking views, all hidden under the toxic fumes emitting from every axle.


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    1 hr 50 mins
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  • Director
    Kobi Mahat
  • Screenwriter
    Kobi Mahat