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Leaving the rat race behind, a family embarks on the journey of a lifetime. Together with their three children the couple travels the ends of the earth searching for a new perspective on life and the world we live in. During their five year adventure they end up living with different tribal communities on six continents. They record their encounters with tribal sages never filmed or interviewed before. No crew, no schedule, just one backpack and one camera each. And the curiosity to listen.

From the banks of Lake Superior in Michigan to the heart of the Amazon, from the Australian outback to the Kalahari Dessert, from the Andes to the jungles of India, the family gets access to communities where film crews wouldn’t. They meet the most humble but charismatic people one could ever wish to encounter; unknown individuals who live under the radar of our modern society. Most of them live secluded lives in service of their community in which they are referred to as medicine people, shamans, healers or wisdom keepers.

The film reveals the deep wisdom they find in their conversations with them and its power to transform lives. Having lived in hiding for centuries, the Keepers of the Earth see that now is the time to step forward and share their insights and wisdom with those who are ready to listen.

ILLUMINATE Film Festival Jury Prize Feature Competition Winner

  • Year
  • Runtime
    90 minutes
  • Language
    English, Japanese, Hindi
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Renata Heinen & Rolf Winters
  • Producer
    Renata Heinen & Rolf Winters
  • Executive Producer
    Rob Van Akker, Renata Heinen & Rolf Winters
  • Cast
 Mukwa Ode Mokompo Ole Simel Lekiti Ole Mokompo Haruzou Urakawa Balngayngu Marika Langani Marika Motiram Baiga Sumpa
 Don Jose Quispe /Ui /Ukxa K!Unta Bo Margaret Connolly Akeekwe
  • Cinematographer
    Rolf Winters
  • Editor
    Sahil Gill
  • Composer
    Stephen Warbeck