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Led by a fearless and charismatic Himalayan Master, each rider must confront their physical fear, their self-limiting ideas and personal relationships that enslave them. The Road to Dharma takes us to Four Sacred Peaks in India to realize that, “We are much greater than we can ever imagine.”

In Episode 2, Jen and Jeff’s dream is to save their marriage on this journey, but it’s clear they are in different mindsets from the beginning. We are reminded that Anand himself had a prophecy of death and his teachers and life adventures helped guide him to freedom. Heading towards Kedarnath, night’s darkness sets in and Ryan sees someone “Flip over their handlebars…”

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  • Year
  • Runtime
    32 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    Adam Schomer
  • Screenwriter
    Adam Schomer
  • Producer
    Adam Schomer
  • Executive Producer
    Yogi Bajrang; Giancarlo Canavesio; Karol Martesko-Fenster
  • Cast
    Anand Mehrotra, Adam Schomer
  • Cinematographer
    Scott Mathias Chrisman
  • Editor
    Scott Mathias Chrisman and Adam Schomer
  • Composer
    Michael Mollura