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Bad Driver
A woman gets into a parked car.
Night Session
When a burglar unexpectedly runs into a homeowner during a theft, the robbery morphs into a makeshift therapy session, with the burglar helping the homeowner process his impending divorce—while the homeowner still helps to rob his own home.
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Darren needs help. His fears are manifesting in the most unusual way—through opera. He visits his therapist to find a solution and discovers that sometimes restoring harmony is just about facing the music.
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In 1963, Olive's husband takes her (and her homemade pastries) for granted—until a ship full of slug-like aliens crash-lands nearby. Suddenly, everyone on earth knows their life's true purpose...except Olive, what will she be possessed to do?
The Day Keeper
A comedy mockumentary about a lighthouse keeper who struggles to keep his own inner light shining.
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The insidious origin story of how history's most hated character, Grandpa Joe from "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory," became the lazy freeloader we know today.
Catherine & Michael
When an unhappily married couple (Molly Ringwald and Peter Grosz) takes a weekend trip to the gorgeous country home of their attractive, successful—and most frustratingly—happily married friends, they discover an unusual method for reigniting their spark.
Gut Punch
Darkness swells below the floorboards of a bodega as three store dwellers have a heated argument over politics, pills and semantics.
Jane Austen's Period Drama
England, 1813. In the middle of a long-awaited marriage proposal, Miss Estrogenia Talbot gets her period. Her suitor, Mr. Dickley, mistakes the blood for an injury, and it soon becomes clear that his expensive education has missed a spot.
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