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High School Film Competition
Symptoms of Greed
A man has feelings for a barista in a coffee shop and becomes jealous after watching her interactions with other guests. Feeling embarrassed and low on money, he makes a dangerous choice that may jeopardize his chance at romance.
You Look So Pretty
Instead of putting on makeup to enhance her appearance, a teenage girl applies products to physicalize her internal battles. How differently would one be treated if invisible battles could be seen on the skin?
Beethoven Vs The Bird
A crazed bird must fight the great classical composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, for the copyright to its birdsong!
Please Call Me...
In my cultural tradition, names are bestowed as precious gifts by our parents. Nevertheless, as I traversed the path of my upbringing, I found myself harboring reservations about the names bestowed upon me...
Sterling follows Clancy, an amateur radio host who decides to play his jazz hero Sterling Hutch's final recorded single on air. However, Clancy comes to find that what exists on the record isn’t music.
Scissor Artist
Alex Colt, a barber from Kazakhstan, shares his journey to success in the US. From challenges to triumphs, his passion and determination led to international recognition.
A man washes up on the beach in an abandoned town with no memories to his name. In trying to rediscover his past, he learns about the nature of life and death.
Alphabet Soup
A teenage boy goes on a journey from apathy to empathy regarding his sister's depression.
a moment lost
As her mother grapples with dementia, Emily sets out to revive her mom's lost memories, discovering the power of resilience, family, and love.
The Lake in the Sky
An isolated teenager explores the past, his late father, and unstable memory through the use of celluloid on his 16th birthday.
Tensions rise as a failed writer and his son are stuck in their home after an apocalypse.
Nix's Symphony
Overwhelmed with self-doubt, a spirited young musician and inventor discovers abilities she never knew she had when she unexpectedly finds herself thrown into the role of continuing a remarkable legacy.
Watch out for your greed.
Crafting Currents
Crafting Currents documents the creation of a Salish Harbour Canoe, crafted by Coast Salish Master Carver John Marston (Qap'u'luq) from the Stz’uminus First Nations of Vancouver Island.
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