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Room Tone
When a sound guy's attempt to capture “room tone" is constantly thwarted by the noisy antics of his coworkers, he takes extreme measures to achieve silence.
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NUBES (Marshmallows)
After her father dies, Noe goes to his house to pick up the suit he will be buried in. Upon arrival, she discovers something that will confront her with the greatest dilemma a daughter can imagine: to protect or reveal the secret her father was hiding.
Robbie Ain't Right No More
A young girl's brother returns from war with a most disturbing souvenir.
La Croix
Jade, a young, uninspired graphic designer, is confronted by strange phenomena after she practices a forbidden ritual with her best friend. Overwhelmed by these events and her client on the phone, Jade collides with someone on the road, then flees the scene.
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When a shy, socially anxious night janitor, cleaning up after Barcelona's affluent party crowd, discovers a mysterious drug that lets her shed the boundaries of her physical self, she breaks out of her isolation and opens herself up to the people she desires... but her newly gained freedom comes at a heavy price.
Be Right Back
Maria, a seven-year-old girl, is left alone at home while her mother goes out to shop for dinner. The time alone extends into the night. When someone knocks at the door, Maria doubts whether it is her mother or not.
Dark Mommy
Ben is the only night shift 911 operator in a small town. His bubble of self-isolation is only ever punctured by drunks or prank calling kids, but tonight Dark Mommy has her own intentions for Ben—and the rest of the town.
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