Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival 2020

Here Right Now: Iris Prize 4

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Black Lips.
Hong, a lonely, Chinese immigrant, avoids connecting with people through a life of solitary ritual. He ventures to a remote part of the coast where he meets Cain, a man in a troubled relationship. With Cain’s help, Hong makes his way back to the city – and to a new understanding of his life.
Summertime in a remote Macedonian village. A group of children discover a killed snake by the lake shore. The bully among them - Yovan, picks it and chases the others with it. To protect his friends, Mario throws a stone at Yovan, then climbs to a balcony of a stranger’s house to hide from him. It gets dark, but Yovan has no intention to leave Mario alone. Stuck on the balcony, Mario has no choice but to wait. Suddenly, pink lights flicker over Mario’s face. He approaches the windows and looks inside the house. He sees an eccentric queer man Borche, wearing a hat with strange glimmering horns and a white snake crawling on it. He takes selfies with his phone. He notices Mario at the window when he goes over the photos. When he realizes that Mario is hiding from his bully friend, he walks him home. A couple of days later, Mario plays with his friends at the basement of their house, trying on his mother’s old dresses. He is just putting her wedding dress on, when she shows up at the door. They run away from her through the window only to be cornered by his dad in the backyard. Later that night, Mario gets a good beating by his dad for acting like a girl. His mom cries and asks him if he is gay. The next day, Mario is forced to work in the field to man up. He sees a snake in the grass and throws a stone at it. That night, Borche is ambushed by the kids from the neighbourhood, lead by Mario. They all throw stones at him and call him „faggot“. As he tries to run away from them, a large stone hits him in the head and he falls to the ground. The kids get scared and run away. Mario stops and looks back at Borche. He realizes he has done something terrible. He walks back to him, appologizes and helps him get up. Borche forgives him.
The Passing.
Yasmine is a talented mortician, she is renowned for her work and making the deceased look their best for their departure into the afterlife. But today Yasmine’s world will be turned upside down as she encounters the most difficult job of her career, becoming very much part of the 'process' she is brought face to face with the small and life-defining moments that she has let pass by.
On My Way.
One night, Dayo, a Nigerian migrant, arrives near a gas station lost in the Belgian countryside, where he has to wait for the arrival of a truck that will take him to his destination. Niels, a gas station worker, awaits the arrival of Antoine, a man from the village with whom he has a hidden relationship. When Niels decides to help Dayo, Antoine worries. The three men will then see their paths take a direction they did not expect.
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Every now and then, you cross paths at exactly the right time - sometimes when you least expect it. Explore moving stories of loss, awakening, finding connections and making sure that pivotal moment doesn’t pass you by.

A lonely abalone trader is awakened by a longing he’s never explored before.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    15 minutes
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  • Director
    Adrian Chiarella
  • Screenwriter
    Adrian Chiarella
  • Producer
    Rebecca Janek