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His Name (Hann).
Andri lives a good life with his parents in Reykjavik, a happy, normal teenage boy as perceived through the eyes of others. However, Andri works hard to keep his sexuality a secret, one he has always been determined to keep from his masculine father. On the day of Andri's first date with another boy he meets online, he finally takes the step to reveal his innermost truth to his father.
DIRTY follows Marco, a teenager at a Brooklyn high school, as he executes a carefully made plan to cut class with his boyfriend, Graham. After they’ve successfully snuck out of school, they make their way to Marco’s family’s home, where it becomes clear that they’re planning to have sex. As the afternoon progresses, it also becomes clear that they’re approaching the event with different expectations and experience levels. DIRTY offers a tender portrait of two queer teenagers as they navigate intimacy together for the first time.
Pretty Girl (Cailín Álainn).
Summertime, 2018. The Gaeltacht on Cape Clear Island. As other boys at Teach O’Mordha goof about before the cross dress disco, Kevin (15) loses himself in the ritual of dressing and applying make-up in the solitude of the bathroom. It's clear that this is no fancy dress for him. Kevin arrives at the disco looking perfectly made up, and finding his girl friends on the dancefloor begins to experience, for the first time, how it feels to be true to himself. His excitement ebbs away when they head outside for a cigarette and things take a brutal turn. Two boys follow them, and mistaking Kevin for a ‘real girl’, one of them makes a pass. Things get violent quickly when his advances are met with uproarious laughter from the girls, and painful humiliation from Kevin. At Teach O’Mordha, Síbh (the Bean an Tigh) and her son Sean (16) hear the boys returning and rush outside to find Kevin bruised and bloodied. They take Kevin to the living room and clean him up, Síbh assuring him that whoever did this will be punished. Despite her warmth, the situation seems to make her uncomfortable, so she leaves Sean to finish making up a bed for Kevin. Alone, Sean offers Kevin comfort. Eventually he even elicits a laugh, the mood lifting as they chat as Gaeilge. In an intimate moment, Kevin realises that Sean is coming on to him. Something almost happens between them, Kevin’s eyes lingering on Sean’s soft smile – but Kevin’s not ready yet. Understanding, Sean tells Kevin that for what it’s worth she makes a pretty girl. In the glow of the crackling fire Kevin’s left alone, whispering through bruised lips - Cailín álainn". "
Baby is a queer, coming-of-age love story that confronts themes of LGBTQ identity and toxic masculinity by introducing us to the world of Ali, a Dominican-American teenager from the Bronx. Shot stylistically as narrative cinema verite, Baby is as much an ode to New York City and to the rawness of teen-hood as it is a tender portrait of a young person coming into their own queerness and desire.
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Whether it’s a date, a dance or a rowdy drag show crowd, that first time is always fraught with fear and excitement. These five films dive into a world of unknowns, bravely exploring love and life for the very first time.

Andri, an anxious teenage boy, hides and represses his sexuality in fear of his masculine father's reaction but, on the eve of Andri's first date, he finds a clever way to reveal his secret.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    14 minutes
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  • Director
    Runar Thor
  • Screenwriter
    Runar Thor
  • Producer
    Runar Thor and Robert Orri Petursson.