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Join JAAMM as we welcome award-winning author Talia Carner ("Jerusalem Maiden") to discuss her latest novel, "The Third Daughter," about the little-known history of sex trafficking of young Jewish women between Eastern Europe and Argentina in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Special thanks to the Jewish Book Council for their assistance in routing recently-published Jewish-interest authors to our community. We encourage you to purchase this title through our 2020-2021 Bookstore Partner, The Bookies, to receive a signed bookplate from the author!

About "The Third Daughter":

A frightening journey into the New World of the late 1800s, told by a trusting young woman lured from Russia and forced into prostitution in Buenos Aires. As she finds courage in the face of danger and hope in hours of despair, Batya struggles to free herself from bondage while bringing down the powerful pimps’ union.

The turn of the 20th century finds fourteen-year-old Batya in the Russian countryside, fleeing with her family endless pogroms. Desperate, her father leaps at the opportunity to marry Batya to a worldly, wealthy stranger who can guarantee his daughter an easy life and passage to America.

Feeling like a princess in a fairytale, Batya leaves her old life behind as she is whisked away to a new world. But soon she discovers that she’s entered a waking nightmare. Her new “husband” does indeed bring her to America: Buenos Aires, a vibrant, growing city in which prostitution is not only legal but deeply embedded in the culture. And now Batya is one of thousands of women tricked and sold to a brothel.

As the years pass, Batya forms deep bonds with her “sisters” in the brothel as well as some men who are both kind and cruel. Through it all, she holds onto one dream: to bring her family to America, where they will be safe from the anti-Semitism that plagues Russia. Just as Batya is becoming a known tango dancer, she gets an unexpected but dangerous opportunity—to help bring down the criminal network that has enslaved so many young women and has been instrumental in developing Buenos Aires into a major metropolis.

A powerful story of finding courage in the face of danger, and hope in the face of despair, THE THIRD DAUGHTER brings to life a dark period of Jewish history and gives a voice to victims whose truth deserves to finally be told.

About Talia Carner:

Talia Carner was the publisher of Savvy Woman magazine. A former adjunct professor at the Long Island University School of Management and a marketing consultant to Fortune 500 companies, she was also a volunteer counselor and lecturer for the Small Business Administration and a member of United States Information Agency’s (USIA) missions to Russia. She participated in the 1995 International Women’s Conference in Beijing, where she sat on economic panels and helped develop political campaigns for Indian and African women. Ms. Carner’s first novel, PUPPET CHILD, was listed in “The Top 10 Favorite First Novels 2002” and launched a nationwide legislation–The Protective Parent Reform Act–which became the platform for two State Senatorial candidates. CHINA DOLL made Amazon’s bestsellers list and served as the platform for Ms. Carner’s presentation at the U.N. in 2007 about infanticide in China—the first ever in U.N. history. Her novel, JERUSALEM MAIDEN, (HarperCollins 2011,) won the Forward National Literature Award in the Historical Fiction category, and HOTEL MOSCOW, (HarperCollins 2015) won USA Book News award in the Multicultural category. Her most recent novel, THE THIRD DAUGHTER, (HarperCollins September 2019,) is a daring exposé of sex trafficking and was named Finalist in the 2019 National Jewish Book Council Award in the Book Club category.

Over 70 of Carner’s award-winning short stories, articles, and personal essays have appeared in anthologies, literary magazines, and leading websites.

Ms. Carner is a board member of HBI, a research center for Jewish women’s life and culture at Brandeis University. She is also an honorary board member of several anti-domestic violence and child abuse intervention organizations and sits on committees of organizations that work toward Israeli causes. She is married to Ron Carner, former president of Maccabi USA. The couple has four grown children and resides in New York and Florida.

Talia Carner’s addictions include chocolate, ballet, hats—and social justice.