Nankurunaisa 〜everything will be all right〜 「なんくるないさぁ」~生きてるかぎり死なないさぁ~

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Sachiko Nakata, the queen of Okinawan comedy, has passed away! This shocking story turned into a film called "Sachiko's Love Story". The newspaper distributed an extra issue. Leading Okinawan stars such as Yoko Gushiken, Gori of Garage Sale, and Namie Amuro made memorial comments. At Sachiko Nakata's live house, many fans flocked to offer flowers. On the other hand, the relatives at the funeral home were shaking with fear. Sachiko's body had gone missing. The ghost of Sachiko, who had appeared because "I can't see the person I want to see, so I can't become a Buddha," runs around Okinawa, disregarding the concerns of her relatives. In the real world, Sachiko has announced her retirement from the stage in 2020, but she is still in good health. She was very happy that her funeral was going to be held in the film and readily agreed to appear in it. As if she was enjoying her own funeral before her death, she is very active in the film. In addition to popular Okinawan talents such as Ai Moko and Ruka Matsuda, Sachiko and other talented performers of Okinawan theatrical performances give a splendid performance. This is a rare opportunity to see a hilarious theatrical battle that will make you want to bow down to the fundamental power of Okinawan theatrical performance.



  • Year
  • Runtime
    108 minutes
  • Language
    Japanese w/English subtitles
  • Country
  • Director
    Takanori Noda
  • Screenwriter
    Takanori Noda , Tetsuro Takahashi
  • Producer
    Katsuhiko Muraoka , Keiko Kuwahara
  • Executive Producer
    Katsuhiko Tsubai , Nobuyuki Tou , Kazuhiko Kusama
  • Filmmaker
  • Cast
    Sachiko Nakada, Masae Nakada
  • Animator
    Takahiro Masuda
  • Production Design
    Kazuhisa Hatakeyama
  • Composer
    Takane Kochihira
  • Sound Design
    Takane Kochihira